Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Bento box-ing~

I bought a few bento boxes from our recent family holiday in Malaysia hoping that I'd someday get a chance to make bento lunches for my loved ones!

Seeing as it's Valentines Day today, I quickly seized the opportunity. So here are the results:
Ingredients from left to right: Egg rolls, beef and vegetable rolls, octodogs (frankfurts cut to look like octopus) and lettuce flowers (lettuce rolled to look like flowers); steamed rice with sushi seasoning topped with bonito flakes and a cherry tomato heart; 3-colour spring vegetables with fishcake; andddd a fruit salad complete with bunny apples (my gosh are they hard to cut!)

I like how the 'bunny' ears curl after soaking them in lime water
Bentos for sis, friend and mum to take to school/work
And look what I got early in the morning!
MACARONS!  *La Belle Miette* which apparently means 'beautiful small thing'
COLOURFUL macarons! Its dark because I decided to eat it at a playground...sitting on some  spring contraption. Colours range from violet to cream. Delish!
This year is the first time I properly 'celebrated' Valentines. I wanted it to be special, home-made-lunch special. So I dropped off Bobo's (bear with me...Bobo will be formally introduced in due time) lunch at an unearthly hour of 7:01am so I can catch him before he went to work. I handed the container to him saying: "here's your gift for the day; you don't need to bring lunch"; to which he responded with a nod. After the usual exchange of goodbye, thanks and "have fun at work", I drove home feeling slightly excited, anticipating his reaction to the feast I had prepared...

I texted him a while later, explaining how it should be kept (not in the fridge, do not microwave etc etc) to which I got the reply: "OMG is that lunch? I thought it was a present so I left it on my table at home". HAHA!
I was disappointed, disappointed that it didn't go according to plan...should've made it clearer...oh well...

But he got to eat it for dinner as it wouldn't keep till the next day...and that kinda wrecked his whole plan for the evening (fine dining, walk by the pier etc) because we'd already eaten. He came anyway, took me to his brother's old school which was very nicely equipped; playground set and everything! Then to Glen for some refreshments (I got iced red bean, grass jelly with milk tea and vanilla ice-cream-- my favourite!) and then to another playground near my house to savour the macarons.

Even though nothing went to plan, it was a memorable day (for the wrong reasons!)

We'll smile at this memory in years to come... 

And again, happy Valentines everyone!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Jesus, my Valentine

‎"We love because He first loved us" ~ 1 John 4:19

Today is a special day of love. For some, its a day where you get to spend time with that special someone. For others, its just another it? Valentines is a day where we celebrate love. Love from and to family, friends, boyfriend/girlfriends, and most important of all: GOD.

You might not have that special someone, but you do have God's love. His unconditional, unwavering, personal, powerful abundant love for you.

So, to everyone, regardless of whether you're single/dating/married: remember your first love, remember God's love.

Happy Valentines Day!

God loves YOU.